Halal Certification

The Halal Certification is an instrument by which is declared the Halal status of a product, a service or a production process.

The Halal Certification is issued in the form of a certificate which contains a list and specifications of certified references.

The Halal Certificate which is issued by the World Halal Authority - WHA is a Halal Certification internationally recognized by the Halal accreditation bodies more authoritative in the world, from the World Halal Certification Bodies and from the Halal consumer associations both in Italy and even at international level.

Advisory pre-certification
It is possible that prior to the actual start of the certification process, perform a pre-audit at the concerned company. This visit is on request is aimed to providing the Company that it intends to certify Halal a more specific  vision concerning the standards.
The pre-audit can also be carried out in one of our locations without obligation or cost

Certification process:

1. Administrative fase:

  • First Contact (email / phone)
  • Completion of the questionnaire and send to WHA
  • Cost estimation ofthesubscription contract.


The Informative Questionnaire whose compilation is requested, covers some general data about the company, production plants and the products / services that will affect certification. Once provided to WHA required data, we proceed with the Cost estimationand the subsequent subscription of the contract.

2. Techincal process start up:

The request by the WHA of a series of documents, and thesubsequenttransmission by the Company. Once received the documentation we start the analysis of documents in the back office at the WHA branches. In this phase it will be reported of any deficiencies andcriticality related to the documentation of the products, services and / or company processes subject to certification, which will be corrected by the User prior to the issuance of the certificate.

3. Auditing phase:

It plans an audit to be carried out in site at the company: this activity takes place at the factory where begin the processing of products, services and / or processes subject to accreditation / certification and aims to verify that the WHA quality system is implemented and applied correctly. The verification shall result in the preparation of an audit report which highlights the reliefs (recommendations, minor non-conformities and non-conformities criticism) collected by the audit team. The issuance of the certificate is subject to the removal of any critical issues that may arise during the company audit.

4. Conclusive fase:

Issuing WHA Certificate : the certificate is issued by  WHA following the resolution of the Certification Committee after receiving and examining a successful  favorable report from the audit team.


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