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The advisory activity is a support service to the companies, which intend to deepen the world of Halal services and products, and consists in providing aid aimed at understanding the international Halal standards and schemes in the various sectors.

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Per Advisory si intende un servizio di supporto professionale alle aziende, per tutto ciĆ² che riguarda lo status Halal

Our Advisory activity
for companies

Among the various services that we provide for companies, the Advisory service is fundamental for all those companies that intend to maintain Halal status over time.

Professional support for companies

Advisory in the Halal sector

The advisory activity of the World Halal Authority (WHA) is not aimed only at those who wish to approach the world of Halal services and products, or who are in the initial stages of the Halal certification process but even after the certification release, it helps companies to maintain the Halal status of their products and / or services.

Understanding international standards and schemes

More and more companies require a professional support service to approach the Halal world and expand their possibilities in the market.

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