Do you know what’s The Conchineal insect  ?
It is an insect of the Dactylopius coccus  family, where carmine dye powder that obtained from the dried dead bodies of females of the Dactylopius coccus  insect (cochineal). The process involves extraction directly from  the insects by boiling the insects in water, followed by filtration, precipitation, and washing and drying the final product, using   extraction techniques which need toxic solvents.
Bugs for your breakfast ?? Although, most people would be horrified at the thought of eating insects, although it’s probably has become your daily habit. … 
And believe it or not, this information is on the ingredient list.
The reason you never noticed it on the label is that, it is labeled as “E120”, which would seem normal.
There are many  food additive codes, for example E120, which is unknown to many consumers. This could mean, you stop consuming products having E120 as an ingredient color.
Transparency is one of WHA’s core values, as we believe that everyone has the right to know what they are eating without any unpleasant surprises, and it is also the value of each company that has chosen World Halal Authority for its certification.
In fact, cochineal is just one of the banned ingredients that every single product certified by the World Halal Authority free from (as dead insects and it’s derivatives are considered “Haram”, or “illegal”).
Visit certified companies to find out which brands have been certified by the World Halal Authority and make sure you are eating healthy, unsurprising foods.

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