Halal Certificate of WHA

The Halal Certification that is issued by the World Halal Authority – WHA, the most accredited body in the world, is a Halal Certification recognized internationally by the most authoritative Halal Accreditation Bodies, by Halal Certification Bodies worldwide and by the Halal Consumer Associations both in Italy and internationally. This makes the WHA Halal certification an international certificate, unique and with a high worldwide recognition value.

What does it mean to be certified?

The Halal certifications of the World Halal Authority – WHA are quality certifications that ensure the compliance of systems, processes, services and products with the requirements set by Halal standards and Halal standards International. Ours is an evaluation activity aimed at the release of the Halal certification which occurs following the assessment of the implementation of the Halal quality system of WHA.

The Halal Certification of World Halal Authority – WHA is issued in the form of a Certificate which shows a list and specific Halal certified references. WHA boasts the ability to certify worldwide, especially in Europe, and the recognition of certifying according to all the schemes and world standards, including:

HAS 23000: 1, LPPOM-MUI 2012, MS 15000: 2009, 2055-1 / 2 and GSO-993.

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The certification processes

1. Administrative phase
First contact, completing the questionnaire and sending to the World Halal Authority – WHA, preventive processing and contract signing

2. Start of technical procedure
Once the documentation is received, the back office document analysis starts at the World Halal Authority – WHA branches

3. Auditing phase
This activity takes place at the production plant where the processing of the products, services and / or processes subject to accreditation / certification takes place and aims to verify that the WHA Halal quality system is correctly implemented and applied.

4. Final phase
Issue of the Halal certificate

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