Complaint and appeal procedure

Complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction, expressed by a person or organization to a conformity assessment body related to the activity of that organization, where a response is expected.

Action appealed by the requesting company to assess the conformity of an object (product, service, process) to the certification body for the reconsideration of a decision taken concerning the object.


The certified company or whoever detects the need to submit a complaint to WHA, relevant to the certification activity carried out, can do so by sending an e-mail to the address ( The report must include a clear description of the subject of the complaint, supporting evidence and references of the reporting party. Upon receipt of the report, WHA assesses whether it is attributable to the certification activities for which it is responsible and, if so, collects and verifies all the information necessary to make the assessment.

WHA has set up a complaints committee which is responsible for resolving such cases and which informs related parties accordingly. The members of this committee are separated from any phase of the Halal certification related to the complaint in question.

For the management of complaints, WHA has prepared two feedback forms: MOD PG 08 A “Letter of complaint acceptance” and MOD PG 08 R “Letter of complaint rejected”. With the first form, after the evaluation of the complaint by the Committee, the letter is sent to the complainant with the admission of the lack and the acknowledgment of his acceptance, within 7 working days.

Similarly, if the complaint does not have sufficient elements to accept the communication as such, the second form is sent to the complainant, always within 7 working days.

According to the procedure adopted by WHA, the preliminary investigation is expected to be completed within 30 days from the date the form was sent to the complainant for complaints on WHA’s work while 60 days for complaints about the work of certified organizations.

The results of the complaint are communicated to the complainant, to the accreditation bodies in accordance with the regulations of the latter and to the Committee for the Safeguarding of Impartiality, in compliance with confidentiality obligations.


The appeals of an organization against a WHA decision regarding the granting, extension / reduction, maintenance, suspension, withdrawal of the certificate must be addressed to the WHA Management, which examines them on the basis of a procedure that provides for a first response within 30 days and the completion of a specific investigation with the communication of the final decision within 90 days of receipt of the appeal.

The appellant may, if not satisfied, appeal to a commission consisting of independent and competent persons, experts in the scheme / sector in which the appellant operates, for the next 30 days. In this case the costs of the appeal will be charged to WHA if the appeal is accepted, while they will be charged to the appellant if the same is rejected.

The Impartiality Committee is periodically informed about appeals and their management.

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