Why is Halal certification important for the COSMETIC sector?

We make ourselves beautiful to satisfy a greater need than the purely aesthetic one. We look for beauty to learn to accept ourselves, to please ourselves, to get to love each other.

These needs do not belong in particular to any culture. They are human needs: they touch each of us. Our Organization “WHA” wants to be a bridge between your reality and between every human being who tries to please himself.


Why the certification is important

Our institution wants to give you an unrepeatable opportunity; through our Halal Certification, your cosmetic product could exceed an important limit: that of not being eligible for “Halal“. Your cream, your foam bath, your lipstick, your particular treatment could have, for example, an animal-derived ingredient not certifiable or deriving from insects that probably limits your market and your income, which could prevent many consumers to enjoy the values and benefits of your products. Having Halal certification in today’s super-connected world means being able to create quality products from every point of view and to be able to reach realities far away. The right answer to the question: “How can we expand our market?” Could be this: “Halal certification”.

What we can certify

Thanks to years of experience in the sector and important international accreditations, we are able to certify a vast number of cosmetic and body care products such as: foam bath, shampoo, creams, dyes, mascara, foundation and much more … Succeeding obtaining Halal certification in the cosmetic sector will allow you to open your business horizons even more, significantly increasing the potential of your company.

Our certifications

  • Food
    FoodA vast market, which touches almost a quarter of the world’s population and which requires all kinds of Halal food every day. Find out more Find out more
  • Cosmetics
    Spending on cosmetical products from Halal has exceeded 7% of the global market in the sector, becoming the second most important sector. Find out more
  • Clothing
    We are able to certify companies and production chains also in the clothing sector. The Halal clothing market is an estimated market as the third in the world Find out more
  • Pharmaceutical chemical
    Pharmaceutical chemical
    Pharmaceutical chemical companies that have Halal certification have extended their market to all countries and consumers in the world Find out more
    • Tourism
      Tourism The Halal tourism market is expanding and concerns accommodation facilities, restaurants, catering services and more. Find out more
    • Analysis laboratories
      Analysis laboratories We can also certify various types of analysis laboratories, allowing a noticeable increase in potential consumers Find out more
    • Logistics
      Logistics We can also certify various types of analysis laboratories, allowing a noticeable increase in potential consumers Find out more
    • Finance and insurance
      Finance and insurance In the difficult world of finance and insurance, more and more companies are looking for investments able to guarantee high standards of stability and growth. Public finance recorded an average growth rate of 10-15% per annum Find out more

      Contact us

      Do not hesitate to contact us to request further information on the Halal certification for the cosmic sector or on all the other sectors that we are able to certify. Our staff is at your disposal.