Gulfood 2019

Gulfood is the largest annual event in the food and beverage sector and the first major international trade fair for the food industry held every year for 24 years in Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The 2019 edition of the fair was the largest until today, attracting more than 100,000 visitors from over 200 countries and exploring the latest products in the Food & Beverage sector and innovation in the food sector. Gulfood represents a great opportunity for sector operators to introduce themselves to the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) market by welcoming more than 5 thousand exhibitors for products belonging to eight sectors of the primary market: beverages; milk; condiment; health, well-being and free from; legumes, grains and cereals; meat and poultry; world food and power brand. According to the Ministry of Economy, the UAE’s demand for basic necessities is increasing by about 30% every year. In particular, Dubai’s imports represent about 80-90% of the food consumption of the entire area of ​​the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

In this social and economic context, it is clear that, for an export-oriented as well as quality-oriented food company, it is a fundamental requirement to have Halal certification in order to support competition and continuity in the global market.

The recognition and validity, in the various countries, of the certifications issued takes place through various accreditations recognized by the Halal certification body, which is why a certification body with a large number of accreditations provides guarantees in favor of the value and international character of the Certificate. Halal released.

World Halal Authority (WHA), as the only Halal certification body with the highest number of international accreditations in Italy and one of the few with the highest number of accreditations in Europe and in the world, annually undertakes to participate in Galfood in fully representing Made in Italy in the global Halal market.

World Halal Authority (WHA) also this year took part in Gulfood, a circumstance that represented an opportunity to accompany and assist companies in this international event, have a mutual exchange of ideas with them, deepen points of view on value Halal certification and convey the ethical and qualitative importance of Halal certification for the consumer.


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