Halal and food safety: the guarantees of an authoritative certification

Why is it advisable to purchase Halal certified products?

Nowadays, the guarantee of healthy products is increasingly important for consumers.

Now more than ever, after all the catastrophic consequences of the current pandemic, a profound social transformation of a whole series of proceedings is indispensable, a conversion on a global scale to methods of verification and certification that are able to ensure the necessary quality standards to food safety.

In this sense, the Halal certification is a guarantee reference to be particularly kept in mind: it may seem banal, but one of the founding principles of the Halal criterion is precisely the elimination, at every stage of the production chain, of any harmful substance or treatment. for human health. This therefore implies a series of rigorous and intransigent controls with respect to all the rules that protect the health safety of products, especially food products, thus making the Halal certification a reliable reference point for the consumer who wants to have certainties regarding the healthiness of the products that buy.

How much would Halal products guarantee prevention for food safety?

When the Halal criterion is correctly applied and implemented, the final result is to obtain a good or a service which, in all stages of production and delivery, complies with the strictest food safety criteria.

It should be remembered that this does not depend only on the Halal standards that are intended to be applied, but also on the fact that a Halal certification must necessarily pronounce itself in compliance with international standards on this issue, therefore there is basically a respect for quality standards that is universally recognized. as indispensable for the validity of any certification on the subject.

Halal standards add further guarantee and reliability, since their formulation is based on a series of moral values ​​that are rooted in a philosophy of life whose heart is justice, correctness, honesty, the search for truth. and service to others. It is therefore implicit in these values ​​that the rigorous application of all those procedures for examining and assessing compliance with technical norms of international standards, such as ISO, is a priority, and both the professional and non-professional ethics with which they are conducted, has its roots in a mentality in which correctness and reliability are more than a priority, they are sacred. A big question of our present: if the Chinese government, like other eastern countries, had ordered the consumption of Halal products, would COVID-19 have existed? On these natural disasters, man always has a rather small margin of control, but we can say with some certainty that, in a similar situation, the correct and systematic application of Halal quality standards would certainly have drastically reduced the possibilities of the species leap. of this virus, trivially because it would have automatically eliminated all those conditions of poor hygiene and health control that contributed to the passage of the pathogen from animal to man. Events of this kind are important lessons for all of humanity: we cannot be satisfied with low levels of security in many aspects of our daily life based on their convenience, this is a sign of short-sightedness that prevents us from focusing on the devastating magnitude of the potential risks. to maintain approximate standards, or deliberately low for economic gain. Part of WHA‘s mission as a Halal certification body, which aims to promote and disseminate high ethical and quality standards, is also a greater awareness of the community in its entirety to pay attention to these issues, to consciously search for articles able to guarantee that the production behind them is carried out in compliance with all the rules necessary to guarantee safety for the final consumer. Halal is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle, a constant search for virtuosity in conduct and work: this therefore implies that, by turning to an authoritative body, it is possible to find in the Halal certification a symbol of reliability and safety, which radically reduces all food risks that can cause problems of this type.


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