Halal, Bio and other certifications: who might be interested in a Halal certification?

Between ethics, health and quality, today there are many fashions and trends linked to a greater focus on food and its marketing.

Bio, Vegan, Fair and Solidarity, are all certifications that are created to meet the needs of increasingly urgent consumers precisely in terms of health and sustainability.

In this dynamic, Halal certification is placed in a privileged position, meeting all the highest characteristics of these types of brands in a balanced way, while presenting reasonable differences on the most dubious points. Let’s see how.

Between Halal and Bio there is a relationship that revolves around attention to the quality of food and its production throughout the supply chain.

As for Organic, Halal is a criterion that favors production methods that can guarantee the protection of the natural quality of the products (for example, it is preferred to avoid the GMO in the most rigorous schemes), without excluding those procedures that from certification Organic are to be avoided for the principles on which it is based – for example some fertilizers which, while having no contraindications for the health of plants and consumers, are avoided because chemical products derived from human processing, and therefore considered “less natural” than others .

In Halal this problem does not arise because the central evaluation criterion in this regard is based on the risk to health, which if not found makes a substance acceptable.

The relationship between Halal and Vegan, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to seize, and finds elements in common on broad and general principles such as ethics towards animals, even if the two certifications then arrive at different conclusions.

In fact, for Halal, the dignified treatment of the animal consists in offering it a full life, healthy, well fed and without unnecessary suffering or a frightening death.

In this sense, it is considered reasonable and legitimate for humans to feed on animals, but their treatment must take place respecting their condition as living beings: just as a predator in nature is not good or bad in hunting its prey, the man is not good or bad in feeding on his livestock, but being able to have certain attentions and concerns towards animals, it is therefore his essential duty to respect their dignity as taught by the values ​​of Halal. As for the connection between Halal and Fair and Solidarity, attention to the relationship between price and protection of the elements within the production chain – including personnel and territory – is undoubtedly central. For Halal too, the concept of fair trade is extremely important, not only for a correct enhancement of the product based on its quality, but also in relation to the work that has been done to produce it and bring it to the end customer. Even if, unlike Fair Trade, in Halal there is no tendency to eliminate intermediaries between the original producer and the final consumer, the attention to ethics present in the production chain is central, since the values ​​of justice and fairness are of primary importance from a truly Halal perspective. So who is interested in Halal products and trade? To all those who give importance to the values ​​of the certifications just exposed, because they care about high ethical principles such as health, the dignity of animals, fairness and fairness in trade: an authoritative Halal brand is synonymous with a guarantee of all these elements , because it strives to apply rigorously all the technical standards that guarantee the full realization of these elements. Those who hope to find something that gives them the necessary guarantees to respect all these values ​​in the most balanced and correct way possible, in the Halal certification will always have a safe harbor in which to land.


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