“Halal Tourism or Halal Travel is a new concept launched […] to offer Muslims  tailored holidays around the world, taking into account their specific needs”.

After all the events that have upset our company during this year, it is increasingly urgent for Italian companies to restart, more courageous and ambitious than ever.

Seizing such an opportunity, therefore, in one of the sectors where the beautiful country plays an advantage, is not only a winning move on a commercial level, it is also an opportunity to revive the national economy, not to be missed.

That is why at WHA one of the priorities towards our customers is also to transmit to them all the strategic knowledge regarding the Halal culture and its implications.

With WHA, your company will be able to offer the best service to Muslim consumers, who will end up taking it as a point of reference for their purchases.

“When I explain to them (Muslim tourists) the excellent hospitality of the Italian people and the beauty of the territory, noted thanks to my experiences of visiting Italy, they begin to be confident and see Italy as a valid destination, a friend of Muslims” .

If you too want to apply for a Halal Certification with WHA – the most accredited Halal certification body in the world – and discover the high ethical standards of a Halal certification of excellence, contact us without commitment.


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    WHA è il frutto di una pluriennale esperienza nel mondo della Certificazione Halal e i servizi annessi. WHA è un Organo internazionale di Certificazione Halal indipendente e un’Autorità riconosciuta da moltissime Organizzazioni e Autorità nel mondo.