The Halal market in Saudi Arabia

Imports of Halal-certified products for Saudi Arabia are constantly growing: since the end of 2015 they represent a figure corresponding to 26.6 billion dollars. The Halal market in Saudi Arabia is the largest in the entire area of ​​the Gulf countries, as the country is constantly growing in population, but also because of the pilgrims who visit the sacred city “Mecca” and who have registered a number total of more than two billion per year. Italy is a strategic partner for Saudi Arabia in more than one sector. Italian exports to Saudi Arabia in the last quarter of 2016 amounted to 3,328 million euros.


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    WHA è il frutto di una pluriennale esperienza nel mondo della Certificazione Halal e i servizi annessi. WHA è un Organo internazionale di Certificazione Halal indipendente e un’Autorità riconosciuta da moltissime Organizzazioni e Autorità nel mondo.