The certification procedure:

1. Administrative phase
First contact, completing the questionnaire and sending to the World Halal Authority – WHA, preventive processing and contract signing

2. Start of technical procedure
Once the documentation has been received, the back office document analysis starts at the World Halal Authority – WHA branches

3. Auditing phase
This activity takes place at the production plant where the processing of the products, services and / or processes subject to accreditation / certification takes place and aims to verify that the WHA Halal quality system is correctly implemented and applied

4. Final phase
Issue of the Halal certificate


Training for Companies and more
WWHA provides training courses for companies, personnel involved in quality systems and consultants in the sector every year.

Various types of training
Seminars, events and training sessions are organized every year to increase the level of understanding on the subject of Halal.

A point of reference in the sector
Thanks to the collaboration with government agencies and thanks to worldwide accreditations, WHA is the main reference in the Halal sector in Italy.


What is the Advisory service for:
The Advisory activity is an important support service for companies that want to deepen their knowledge of the Halal world and services more and more.

Maintain Halal status
For all those companies that already have a Halal certification and want to maintain it over time, WHA is able to provide professional and globally recognized support.

Understanding the Halal world
More and more companies are approaching the Halal world with different needs and requirements, WHA provides personalized support services for every type of company that wants to expand its market opportunities.