The implications of Halal certification: from the product to its use

What is the Halal certification on products?

A correct Halal certification on consumer products is a guarantee document on its manufacturing process.

When a process of verifying is in conformity with Halal standards, it is in fact going to evaluate whether the substances and processes included in the various processing stages are respectful of the parameters necessary to meet the Halal criterion, therefore their consistency with certain values, all in order to ensure that the finished product has been created in strict compliance with the principles present in the certification scheme.

Does this mean that any use of that product can also be considered Halal?

Not necessarily. In fact, the certification of a product attests that everything concerning its production is Halal, but the subsequent use depends exclusively on the intentions of those who use it, and this is a discourse disconnected from the production process.

For example, if a cosmetic is Halal certified, its use does not comply with principles such as sobriety and modesty cannot be considered legitimate just because the product it self is certified Hala. Similarly, if an item of clothing is Halal certified, it is not automatic that it is worn, obtaining a flashy effect that perhaps lacks modesty, or that points to ostentation, fueling vanity.

A Halal certification on a product therefore does not automatically correspond to making any behavior lawful when it is used, and this is very important for understanding the Halal criterion beyond the mere piece of paper that is the certificate.

Halal is a lifestyle, those who adopt it must not limit themselves to consuming goods or using services that are certified as lawful according to the reference standards, but must also try to transform into practice all the principles and moral values ​​that the concept of Halal brings with it, as moderation and humility, carrying out a daily path of improvement of the proper person – always in the full awareness that no one is given to be able to achieve perfection, err is human – trying to correct the proper defects and cultivate the proper qualities , in the conscious and reasonable respect of all those positive values ​​kept within the Halal criterion.


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