WHA receives the certificate of renewal of recognition from the ESMA-Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology

ESMA, the Halal standardization authority for the UAE, participated in the 25th edition of GulFood by organizing the fifth global event of the Halal industry at the Dubai World Trade Center, the general director Dr. Abdullah Al-Maeeni, in a note, stated that the UAE has reached the top spot out of five out of seven sectors that make up the Islamic economy.

The Islamic economy of the UAE, according to the Global Islamic Economy Indicator, offers a volume of opportunities of over 20 billion Euros per year. Islamic countries have a very active trade movement mainly linked to lifestyle.

Precisely for this reason, ESMA was able to issue the first integrated system that includes standards of food products, safety and compliance with specific Halal conditions and their method of examination.

During GulFood, ESMA presented the Emirati standards and technical regulations relating to the food and beverage sector, including the Emirates System for Honey Bees, which will see mandatory implementation in early April. This system allows all members of the Islamic cooperation organization to guarantee excellent application by increasing the degree of trust in the certificates issued.

In this regard, once again this year WHA – World Halal Authority, received the renewal of ESMA ‘s recognition, confirming the continuous success and constant trust that the authority places in WHA which was a guest during the fifth world event at which Hundreds of officials, experts and decision makers with a wide-ranging global presence attended.


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