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WHA: the most accredited certification body in the world

World Halal Authority – WHA is an international independent Halal Certification Body and an Authority recognized by Government Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Halal Consumer Associations and by the Religious Authorities and Representatives of Islam in the world. World Halal Authority – WHA is the result of many years of experience of its managers in the world of Halal Certification and related services, and a dynamic and competent staff.

The company

The experience gained thanks to the constant commitment carried out over the years in close contact with the reality of Italian and international companies, and the many collaborations with global Halal organizations and operators, has made WHA’s Halal Certification a guarantee of quality and compliance with international standards of the Global Halal system.

Our goals are varied, including: tracing a well-defined path towards the internationalization of European companies to ensure that their products can reach product can reach consumer markets around the world, maintaining all the qualities that characterize it and at the same time conform to the Islamic rules that Muslim believers are bound to observe.

To this end, the Halal Certification of WHA is a valid and necessary tool for the internationalization of companies and the protection of Halal consumers.

Internal structure Wha

World Halal Authority – WHA is structurally composed of a series of divisions, sub-divisions and committees specialized in the Halal sector that ensure impartiality and provide a guarantee both for Halal consumers and for Halal Certified users from WHA, in compliance with the structural requirements of the International Halal standards:

Nature of the Entity: Independent Non-Governmental Islamic Body

International Shariah Committee: an independent body that oversees all the operations of the entity, guaranteeing compliance with Halal standards along with the entire supply chain.

Scientific and Technical Committee: Its main task is to prepare scientific opinions, to be submitted to the Sharia committee, on the assessment of the risks associated with the products to be certified Halal and to certify the conformity of the process (Shahada) through the Auditors or controllers that carry out the visits to production facilities and analysis of the necessary documents.

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